Accessing our digital cloud server platform monthly or annual plans all come with a £1 one month trial period so you get to see and use everything before deciding whether to continue with a monthly or annually plan thereafter?

Cloud storage for your website or apps offers many other advantages than traditional servers that make it the most popular choice for either individuals or businesses users when working on the web.

Our digital one shop stop secure cloud hosting servers allow you scalability so it’s easy to scale either up or down based on your demands. This flexibility ensures your website can handle high traffic loads during promotions without experiencing any downtime for your users!

Server reliability is a major factor with whatever you do online today, and our cloud digital hosting servers guarantees 99% uptime. These questions should be in the forefront of anyone’s mind before making any decision when accessing a server. Reducing server failures risks is something you need to be aware of! Most of our servers are based in UK data centre all managed 24/7, 7 days a week all year round, however we offer Europe and USA data centres if requested!

Another factor to consider is cost efficiency.  Many cloud hosting server services operate on a pay as you go basis, allowing you to pay only for the resources you use, however our Digital Shop Stop servers offer a one off either monthly or annual fee so you can budget more easily rather than get a shock each month on the cost needed to pay!! Paying a fixed amount for resources is much more manageable, and if you are near to exceeding your data limit we notify you in advance with an instant email notification, or you have the option of viewing your usage yourself live through cPanel. cPanel access is inclusive with all our monthly or annual plans!

All our data centre’s invests heavily in security measures meaning they come with BruteForce and firewall encrypted protection. Our servers are regularly updated and 24/7 monitored to protect from threats. Other security features can be enhanced through cPanel to set spam mail as well as increasing the free Auto SSL encryption risk that comes with all our cloud hosting plans. Everything is manageable through cPanel or let us know and we can assist you if needed, adjusting the setting accordingly to your requirements!

Automatic 21 day rollover data backups solution comes standard with all server plans, ensuring your data is regularly protected and can easily be restored if needed. You get the option of downloading local backups as freely as you wish for restoring later should you need this requirement as well.

Flexibility is key with our digital shop stop cloud hosting cPanel platform solutions that gives you a variety of options to choose from with various server configurations and software installs using scripts such as Softaculous WordPress App Installer, Joomla, Magento, Laravel, Dolphin and Drupal just to mention a few, that all give you the flexibility to customise your hosting environment to meet your everyday specific needs!

We constantly keep cPanel updated to the latest version so our users always get the benefit of the latest best edition. This gives you and advanced users all the tools needed for today’s most advanced cloud hosting environment. Need the ability to upgrade PHP version no problem, set this yourself to your current need through cPanel or chat with our support team for assistance all day everyday live on WhatsApp

You will find everything you need when connecting to our Digital Shop Stop Cloud Server Hosting environment making sure you get exactly what you need! Our aim is to give you the best value for your money so we get to keep you as a lifelong customer without having the hassle and anxieties of switching servers regularly because of poor performances like Arsenal, only joking lol!

If you are taking one of our annual hosting plans make sure to use our domain name checker and add the domain name wanted to the shopping basket before checkout, so we know what to do when setting up your account, or alternatively you can use your existing domain name just let us know on checkout in the add additional details content box!

Please use the WhatsApp chat button below or email us at should you require any further support!

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